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I received quite a number of comments and emails requesting assistance for Police Reference Check and also Background Reference Check. Basically both checks are for verifying purpose, be it verifying forged documents, information and etc.

As off now i do have a contact which could provide reference check for a small fee for both local’s and foreigners. Below are the packages.

1.       Foreigner background check

–          Items to be check as below:

Ø  Passport / identity verification

Ø  Civil & Criminal record (federal)

Ø  Bankruptcy (federal)

Ø  Anti-money laundering

Ø  Anti-terrorism financing

Ø  Interpol Vetting

2.       Malaysian background check

–          Items to be checks as below:

Ø  Identity verification

Ø  Civil & Litigation

Ø  Industrial Court Record Search

Ø  Security / Criminal Verification
If you are interested in this check, Please leave a comment here with your name, email and contact number so i could pass it to my contact to follow up with you. I was reassured that the check will be done by a company which is registered with NAPBS Apac.


Contact for Malaysia’s Labour Offices / Alamat Pejabat Kementrian Sumber Manusia Malaysia

Malaysia’s State Labour Department / Kementrian Sumber Manusia Malaysia

Headquaters / Ibu Pejabat ( HQ )

Address Level 6-9, Block D3, Complex D,
Federal Government Administrative Centre
Putrajaya 62530

Phone No 03-88892381 / 03-88889111
Fax No 03-88892381

Perlis ( Share Office with Kedah )
Address – Pejabat Tenaga Kerja Negeri Kedah/Perlis
Tingkat 3, Wisma Persekutuan

Jalan Kampong Baru

05532 Alor Setar, Kedah.

Phone No 04-7300700 / 04-7319111
Fax No 04-7301952

Contact Telephone Numbers

State Labour Department
Headquarters 03-88865000
Perlis :04-977192
Kedah 04-7300700
Pulau Pinang 04-2625536
Kelantan 09-7482506
Terengganu 09-6244781
Selangor 03-56384535
Wilayah Per.03-42678797
Melaka 06-7616517
Johor 07-2243188
Pahang 09-5157016
Sabah 088-238755
Sarawak 082-242261
State Industrial Relations Department
Headquarters 03-88865000
Perlis 04-7307535
Kedah 04-7307535
Pulau Pinang 04-2615155
Terengganu 09-6221516
Pahang 09-5164785
Selangor 03-42579911
Wilayah Per. 03-42579911
Negeri Sembilan 06-7624946
Melaka 06-2822043
Johor 07-2243011
Sarawak 82-243557
Sabah 88-238755
State Trade Unions Departments
Headquarters 03-888892428
Perlis 04-2618008
Kedah 04-2618008
Pulau Pinang : 04-2618008
Perak 05-2545381
Kelantan Tel: No office
Terengganu Tel: No office
Pahang 03-55193457
Selangor 03-55193457
Wilayah Per. 03-55193457
Negeri Sembilan 06-2823859
Melaka 06-2823859
Johor 07-2231090
Sarawak 082-258862
Sabah 09-6221853

Places to post for free Recruitment Ads Offer

  •  Local Labour Office
  •  Post Office

if any of you would like to add up ? please post in comment

will be updated soon

How to get the above letter ?

Normally you can just write to the PR Department of Police HQ at Bukit Aman or get it from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs . But that would take at least  2 months to be processed.

But there are some alternative equivalent documents such as “Through Background Check” ways you could get it in 5 days.


updated 31-5-2012

All Ip and Trademark information could be found in this website

You can either do the IIP, Patents, Copyright & Trademark yourself or engage a lawyer which will do everything for you. The market price to engage a lawyer to do it for you is around RM5000-Rm7000 while you can do it youself at RM250.

Perbadanan Harta Intelek Malaysia
Tel: 03 – 22748671

Aras 32, Menara Dayabumi

If you need any help in locating lawyers who are dealing with IP, Patents, Copyright & Trademark registrations you could email me.

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