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This blog is created to share information which i obtained from various sources related to Human Resource Management Current Practices in Malaysia.

Hope it could help you in someway.



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Dear Sir, My wife is Malaysian stay in Sabah. She need help to get a Police Clearance / Good of conduct certificate, this is one of requirement for her to follow me to Vanuatu. Any one can help please e-mail me or my wife

Thanking in advance for your help

Dear sir,

I wish to find job asap as I was retrenched since 3 months ago. I get to know your site from


To anyone out there,

Please help!.
I am an Ethiopian who resided in malaysia for a period of two years (2003 to 2005), as a student of universiti putra malaysia. In trying to further my studies, I was requested a cirtificate of Good conduct from Malaysia. It has been two months and more since I have sent applications using the usual procedure. I have not heared from the MFA so far. Can anyone please help me get it in as short time as possible?

Best regards,

Hi, may I please know how I will be able to get the letter of good conduct in just three days? I need this particular document before next week’s up. Hope you might be able to help.

Hi Sir/Madam

Can i know under what common practises/procedure for private sector for issuances of warning letter?

If an employee received a warning letter due to he/she forgot to attend a meeting?
Prior to receiving the warning letter the said employee has explained & apologized verbally to the meeting chairperson. Another person who did not attend meeting did not receive the warning letter.

If this employee felt that he/she been treated un-fairly, is there a channel to appeal?

Pls advise

Thank you.

i am not malaysian but used to live in kl for a year . im living in canada right now and im in need of letter of good conduct for immigration purposes.

can you help me getting the above document ?


Hi, I wish to get a good conduct letter for my husband to work as a security, how do go about this, can u please help me He is a malaysian too

saya berkerja sebagai agent di sebuah company yang buat pinjaman peribadi. sebab komisen ditangguh-2, saya pun tak mau buat kerja ini lagi, pihak company itu tidak mahu keluar komisen baki saya… so apa yang saya boleh buat???

Dear Sir/Madam,
Is Malaysia Day which fall on 16th September consider a gazetted public holiday which require private company to follow for a shut down? Any document or directive issue by labour office on this?

My fiancee is in malaysia and to get her US visa the certificate of good conduct is required from Malaysia Foreign Affairs.Can any body help me to get it quickly ..Waiting the answer from any body having gone through it.

Can U help me to get the certificate of good conduct from Malaysia ..

Contact me at I S SANDHU

YB Dato Seri Najib has declared 31 Dec 2010 as a public holiday. I am ask to work 1/2 day without any compensation. What are my rights if i refuse to work?

i’m working as assistant promoter in an optical company branch which is located at seremban………
my manager suddenly tell he want to close that branch without reason
i don’t know why and i don’t know weather he will give my salary for that month
may i know what action can be taken so he will pay back my salary and i dont’t have any idea to search for a work
i’m request kindly to HR reply me as fast as posibble

Dear Sir,
I am a contract staff recently work in ZTE Cooporation Berhad, the regional office in Malaysia, heart of the KL city. I am attached with outsource company, named OCK setia sdn bhd.
I had lost the company asset, a HP lap top with police report which been stolen during my meal time after work.
Do I need/ require to compensate the lap top to the company?
Do they have any right to hold my salary? I wish to get my answer sooner.

Dear sir/ madam,
My husband worked in a jewellery shop as goldsmith for 10 mths, the contract renew every 3 mths started 6/7/2011, actually the HQ verbally confirmed my husband as a permanant staff when 2nd renewal but until now they still let my husband sign the renewal contract letter only ( not the confirmation letter ), the branch manager told my husband they actually cannot confirm my husband cos they want to find a lower salary goldsmith to replace my husband, so just wait for the time only, so my quiestions are : 1) what can we do ? 2) can the company renew the worker every three months with no time limit ?

Hi, may I please know how I will be able to get the letter of good conduct in just three days? I need this particular document before next week’s up for Australia visa application. Hope you might be able to help.

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