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Company/Personal Background Check and Verification

Posted on: June 1, 2012

I received quite a number of comments and emails requesting assistance for Police Reference Check and also Background Reference Check. Basically both checks are for verifying purpose, be it verifying forged documents, information and etc.

As off now i do have a contact which could provide reference check for a small fee for both local’s and foreigners. Below are the packages.

1.       Foreigner background check

–          Items to be check as below:

Ø  Passport / identity verification

Ø  Civil & Criminal record (federal)

Ø  Bankruptcy (federal)

Ø  Anti-money laundering

Ø  Anti-terrorism financing

Ø  Interpol Vetting

2.       Malaysian background check

–          Items to be checks as below:

Ø  Identity verification

Ø  Civil & Litigation

Ø  Industrial Court Record Search

Ø  Security / Criminal Verification
If you are interested in this check, Please leave a comment here with your name, email and contact number so i could pass it to my contact to follow up with you. I was reassured that the check will be done by a company which is registered with NAPBS Apac.


2 Responses to "Company/Personal Background Check and Verification"

Hi, i would like to go abroad for volunteer work purpose and would like to have local police clearance check, which one should I use and can process faster. Please help me as i will go abroad on Sept 1 2012. Thanks

Hi i nedd to get an Criminal record im a forigner please contact me asap thanks on advance

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