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Employee Nominating Letter / Borang Pernamaan Hak

Posted on: April 10, 2008

What is a Employee Nominating Letter ?

Employee Nominating Letter or Borang Pernamaan Hak is a Form whereby the employees need to fill in the nominee of the employee who will receive the employees portion of salary/benefits when anything unwanted happen to the employee. It is also a way to protect the company from being sued by next of kin for disbursing the funds to the wrong party.

Quite a lot of companies are practising this method. But to keep in mind that this form has no effect for the muslim employees and as the company need to wait for judgment from the court on the employees salary payment to his/her next of kin. While waiting the company is the “Pemegang Amanah” for the salary.

Things which usually contain in the form:

1. Employee name
2. I/C
3. Staff number
4. Nominator name + I/C + Birth Certificate No + Relationship + % ( up to 4 person)
4. Witnesses (company staff which rank AM & above)


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