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Contact Number for Local Labour Offices in Malaysia / Kementrian Sumber Manusia Malaysia

Posted on: March 26, 2008

Contact for Malaysia’s Labour Offices / Alamat Pejabat Kementrian Sumber Manusia Malaysia

Malaysia’s State Labour Department / Kementrian Sumber Manusia Malaysia

Headquaters / Ibu Pejabat ( HQ )

Address Level 6-9, Block D3, Complex D,
Federal Government Administrative Centre
Putrajaya 62530

Phone No 03-88892381 / 03-88889111
Fax No 03-88892381

Perlis ( Share Office with Kedah )
Address – Pejabat Tenaga Kerja Negeri Kedah/Perlis
Tingkat 3, Wisma Persekutuan

Jalan Kampong Baru

05532 Alor Setar, Kedah.

Phone No 04-7300700 / 04-7319111
Fax No 04-7301952

Contact Telephone Numbers

State Labour Department
Headquarters 03-88865000
Perlis :04-977192
Kedah 04-7300700
Pulau Pinang 04-2625536
Kelantan 09-7482506
Terengganu 09-6244781
Selangor 03-56384535
Wilayah Per.03-42678797
Melaka 06-7616517
Johor 07-2243188
Pahang 09-5157016
Sabah 088-238755
Sarawak 082-242261
State Industrial Relations Department
Headquarters 03-88865000
Perlis 04-7307535
Kedah 04-7307535
Pulau Pinang 04-2615155
Terengganu 09-6221516
Pahang 09-5164785
Selangor 03-42579911
Wilayah Per. 03-42579911
Negeri Sembilan 06-7624946
Melaka 06-2822043
Johor 07-2243011
Sarawak 82-243557
Sabah 88-238755
State Trade Unions Departments
Headquarters 03-888892428
Perlis 04-2618008
Kedah 04-2618008
Pulau Pinang : 04-2618008
Perak 05-2545381
Kelantan Tel: No office
Terengganu Tel: No office
Pahang 03-55193457
Selangor 03-55193457
Wilayah Per. 03-55193457
Negeri Sembilan 06-2823859
Melaka 06-2823859
Johor 07-2231090
Sarawak 082-258862
Sabah 09-6221853

119 Responses to "Contact Number for Local Labour Offices in Malaysia / Kementrian Sumber Manusia Malaysia"

Hi there,
My company is offering VSS now and follow by retrenchment later if VSS respond is low. Can you please advise if it is possible that retrenchment happens right after VSS? Is there a certain period of time the company shall wait before they can retrench any staffs?

Thank you & best regards,


My hubby company monthly claims such like Petrol, Toll, parking & etcs is add on to the payslip. For my understanding, the monthly claims should be expenses it out in company book in Profit & Loss? Please advise cause this will effect his personal tax for submission.

Dear Elly,

In response to your encountered matter, there is a standard setting on payroll system whereby the system will only input all neccessary column to be taken into account. For example, the EA form is generated by payroll system and output is well and fine be differentiated. I think the matter on displaying staff claims into staff payslip is not an issue. Importantly, these claims are not defined in EA or other benefit-in-kind documents submission.

However, the payroll system should be pre-set into this order.

Do you agree?


I have been working in this company for more than 15 years. I am holding a high position in this company. The problem i am facing now is that the company is asking me to leave voluntarily .I am supposed to be incharged of the sales department. Due to the economic situation and tecnology revolution, the company sales has reduced tremendously.
My question is how does my company need to compensate me according to labours laws? What retrenchment benefits am i entittle to? Recently, i have also agreed to a paycut. Is there any other measures i can take to keep my job?
Please advise. Thank you.

I have tendered my resignation by giving 1 month notice and also 1 month salary in lieu. My notices should be 2 month notices but I opt to leave early becoz’ of my final exam.

My employment letter stated notices can be given by either party.

My issue now is that my employer is not willing to accept my resignation letter dated 07/02/09. Till now I haven’t receive any confirmation from my employer yet and this worry me.

Can u advise me what shd I do? Can I leave the company even though without the acceptance of resignation letter from my employer? URGENT…HELP REQUIRED!

Hi, I was being offered a job with a basic of RM1500 on 16th Feb 2009 commencing on 2nd Mar 2009. I had reported to work on 2nd Mar 2009 and the HR Dept of the Company had given the Appointment Letter without being signed by the boss. Without proper training, the boss had directed me to sell 10 units of the machine in one day. I have not get any sales. He asked me to leave the company now and he wont be paying a single cent for what I worked. What should I do?

i was worked one day time of waitress and then i discover that i can’t adapt to the environment. In the other day i was ASAP to told the manager that i need to resign and the reason. When the time i was interview i had paid RM60 for uniform during the time the HR told me that notice of resign need to 14day is for haven’t be confirmation, if after confirmation period need one month notice. So i’m unconfirmation staff. I know that i need to give 14 days notice, if not i can’t get single cent of what i was work. I don’t care it. But
In second day i was return back the uniform for the HR, But she never return back the money for me “uniform money”. I never asked my salary of one day work, i understood that it’s imppossible. But is’t she need to return the uniform money for me?
Is’t i can get back my RM60 uniform money?
Notice of resign and uniform is separate right? Notice is notice, uniform is uniform? is’t separate?I’m Confuse… The HR so toplofty and threat that she can sue me! If i know i can’t get back uniform money how come i still return back to the office for her.
Can i get back my RM60?
What shold i do?

Thank you


You should served your notice till 14days, or pay back the company 14days salary as your resignation notice. The only, you have rights to claim back what ever your uniform deposit.

Pls be understant that you are one who accept the offer ever you knew all the terms and conditions.

As what you explain, i did’t see any problem with the company. So, you should not break the terms that you had agreed but to comply with it….

I am working in a retail outlet for the past 21years. My first management have bankrupt and was taken our by the Liquidators who have also left and now I am working under the 3rd management for the past 1year 9months in the same building. My boss is a singaporean who likes to insult the senior staff and like to hire illegal workers”foreigners” because can pay them cheap and they are willing to work long hours.

I have given my 1st resignation letter on 30th October 2008 which was not accepted by my boss and convince me to continue my job. evenever he gets a new staff he start to insult me and talk bad of me behine me. I have summited my second resingnation letter on 8th June 2009 stating my last date on 30th June 2009. I was told by my Manager that I have to give one month notice and have to work until the 7th of July 2009 and promised my to pay the 7days salary cash on my last day.

Today is th 7th of July and till now i didn’t get my salary for the month of June 2009 not only me but all the staff have not received the salary. I an the admin exercutive and I am the one who prepares the salary and for the pass 10day my boss didn’t come to the office. He carries around the cheque book and he and his wife are the authorised person to sign the cheques.

Please advice me.
Thank you

If after resign then boss not pay out salary for me, always not answer my call. what should i do?

Good Day,
I am just a rank & file staff. I have tendered my resignation from a company by giving 1 month notice. Last day working 12 July 09. I still have 51 hours to claim. According to HR we are only allowed to claim hours & not paying the overtime. They also said that they assume I work till the 18 July as they will pay 6 days work (48 hours) & 3 hours overtime claim. Firstly, to my understanding, rank & file staff overtime are to be paid accordingly & not by claiming the hours. Secondly, till today I am still not paid. HR of the company told me that my outstanding salary will be paid on the 1 August09. According to the employment act, the outstanding days of work should be paid on the last day I work that is the 18 July. Kindly seek for your soonest reply as I am just a rank & file staff. Not earning a lot money. Thank you.

Hi, I worked as property negotiator for my former employer( agency) as full commission base. I have resigned but my ex-employer refuse to pay my balance commissions which i did closed the sales and some deposits which hold by him also. He refused to answer my calls …not reply at all and he refused to meet and do nothing and seen like no intention to settle my balance commissions since one month i have resigned. Somemore he has a un fair clause that i have to give three month notice for resignation but cannot work for company at all in this three month …Is it fair??? and how come he can put this kind of clause in the employment letter and i m no taking any basic salary ….it’s pure commission base. Should i ignore it or complaint to labour office??? need help. What can i do??Pls advise.

if i go to complaint about my company to let lately go to break what action will be done by labour office. because as i know the labour law got show out the working hour cannot longer that 5 hours if later that that must be atleast half an hour break time so i go to labour office to complaint then the labour office got take any action from that.
thanks you

By labor law,the company should pay us before every 7th of the month.Am I correct??? Today is the 8th and we still haven’t get our pay yet.I ask HQ and they tell me not so soon.Next week.I ask them to give me a fix date but they say they don’t know.What should we do???


If the company did pay you any advance, then it should be okay. If there is no advance paying out, the you have your rights to voice it out to labour dept…

We are looking for a personal Driver for our director, anyone interested please call

Ms Low – 016 3695595 / 7803 8145


I work as executive sales and marketing at my company for 3 months. After probation period, my company changes me to sales department as a sales person. In my letter of employment, it written sales commision only generated from August 2009 and onwards. But, my company has pay me commision from August untill I summit my resign letter on 15/9 (one month notice). They told me actually there are mistake, they are not suppose to pay me they commision for last 2 month.
1. May i know is it there are any period of times limit to notice the mistake?
2. And is it acceptable for a company to asking for last 2 month “overpaid”
3. Now, my company hold my last 1/2 month salary and commision. Is it acceptable action in labour laws?

I need the answer to firm wat to do next….hopefully i can get an answer a.s.a.p

Thank you very much


I just resigned from a company dated 12th October, but then till now the company on hold my salary, claims and confirmation letter on my resignation. When actually they should pay me? Do they have the right to on hold everything?

Please kindly advice on this. Thank.

if i work 1 day sunday , how much the salary i can get.
if my salary 1 month is RM1400 so 1 month salary how much i can get !

Hi,My company is going through a merger and aquisition exercise, so are the employees entiltled to compensation before being transfered to the new company ? And at what rate?


Hi,my mum works as a cleaner in a local school.She has not been paid properly for the past month.She wasn’t even given an advance of the money.She should have gotten her salary on the 30th of November 2009 or early December but she was only given her salary on the 16th of December.The given salary wasn’t even the full amount as agreed ealier.The salary given was only partial than the supposed amount.Can you advice me on this?Can any legal action be taken against the in-charged person?

Hi,my mum works as a cleaner in a local school.She has not been paid properly for the past month.She wasn’t even given an advance of the money.She should have gotten her salary on the 30th of November 2009 or early December but she was only given her salary on the 16th of December.The given salary wasn’t even the full amount as agreed ealier.The salary given was only partial than the supposed amount.Can you advice me on this?

hello! i worked with a company for 13months and i official resigned from the company with 1 month notice as per to the appointment letter.


1. As the company have the right to hold my salary and claims before the 7th working day of the month.

If the company fails to pay? what action can i take against the company, and whome shall i see for advice from the labour department.

I was employed as Project Manager fro 3/11/2008 until 31/12/2009

I want to tendered my resignation by giving 1 month notice. But my notices should be 2 month notices is becouse of my company is change to 2 months, but without given any letter & signed by 2 party. They only send out a memo & status down (company is change the resignation to 2 months). This worry me, get a new job to waiting for 2 months.
Can u advise me what shd I do? URGENT…HELP REQUIRED!

I am employed as an engineer in a private company without any appointment letter or contract. During the 3 months probation period, according to Labour Law, am i entitled to annual leave or sick leave?

And, in the end of the probation period, i was informed that the management decided to extend my probation period for another 3 months and my salary is reduced due to unsatisfication of performance. Can they reduce my salary for this reason?

Public Holidays 2010

If a public holiday falls on a Sunday for eg Chinese New Year
holidays are from 14 Feb (Sunday) & 15 February 2010 then 16 February is also consider a public holidays as the company I worked for does not want to observe 16 February as a public holiday, please render
assistance on this issue.

Thank you

Irene Chan

I called to the HQ to get some related information but already call for 5 time on 14/01/2010 2pm-3pm does’t have anyone answer the call . Very disappointed on it .

Recently my company hired a new Manager to my department. Now the new manager wants all in the department to pay RM25 every month regardless is we agree to it or not. He also said those who don’t pay does not belong to the department. This is not part of the company policy but rather his own policy. Is he allowed to do that? Is this legal?

Hi all,

I have few questions as below:

1. How should I compute salary for confirmed staff with monthly rate?

e.g. Jan’10 (31 days) , Rest day (Every Sunday, 5 rest days in Jan’10)
monthly rate of pay /(divided by) 26 days X (No. of days worked)
monthly rate of pay /(divided by) 31 days X (No. of days worked & day off)
Feb’10 (28 days) , Rest day (Every Sunday, 4 rest days in Feb’10)
monthly rate of pay /(divided by) 24 days X (No. of days worked)
monthly rate of pay /(divided by) 28 days X (No. of days worked & day off)

2. How should I compute the salary for staff who under probationary period with monthly rate, if they work commenced in the middle of the month?

e.g. Jan’10 (31 days) , Rest day (Every Sunday, 5 rest days in Jan’10)
monthly rate of pay /(divided by) 26 days X (No. of days worked)
monthly rate of pay /(divided by) 31 days X (No. of days worked & day off)

3. How should I compute the salary for staff if the date of the salary cut off is from 26th – 25th every month?

e.g. Mar’10 (31 days) & Apr’10 (30 days)
monthly rate of pay /(divided by) 26 days X (No. of days worked)
monthly rate of pay /(divided by) 31 days X (No. of days worked & day off) + monthly rate of pay /(divided by) 30 days X (No. of days worked & day off)

4. Is unpaid leave compute with reference to the number of days in a month or by the working days?

5. How should I compute sick leave for confirmed staff and staff under probationary period?

6. How should I compute annual leave compensation? (divided by No. of days in calendar month OR working days in a month)

7. How should I compute over-time?

8. Is the salary for staff who is under probationary period subjected to EPF & Socso contribution?

I appreciate the time you took to clarify my doubt. Your assistance has been invaluable to me.

Thank you.


i have worked for about 9 months at the company, and my salary is RM3000 nett (as an allowance), i have tendered my resignation recently,

1. is the company need to pay for the EPF and SOCSO for us even our salary is under allowance?

2. about 9 months company had delayed my claims like, toll, parking, phone, and petrol. can i sue them?

3. company also delayed my last month salary without any proper notice, what should i do?

appreciate if any 1 can help me on this.


i was working a sales marketing , my basic salary was rm1275 when increment. rm250 was my allowence. and other toll clAIM and handphone are paid by cheaque. i was working with this company around 2 years, on feb 2010, there refused to paid me mind salary without any notice and not given at least 1 month notice or paid 2 month salary for termination. all are without any letter,what should i do for this problem?


Today is 13th of March….my company not yet pay salary to employee. What can we do for this case? where should we go to complaint?
Since this company not the first time do this to employee.

Kindly advise.

Dear whom it may concern,

Recently i saw the newspaper for Malay Mail regarding the restaurant incident for foreign worker’s levy. my company started paying for the foreign worker’s levy but eventually few ran away which causes lost from my side. i implementing a way which is collecting deposit from them as a security for me, is that legal? i also written in the agreement letter and sign by them about the deposit collecting.

Need your advice. URGENT!
Thank you.

one of my company staff had resigned since December 2009. After one month notice, he ask for extention for another one month. He continue to work until we ask him not to come at 15 Mar 2010. There are no document, eg.resignation letter or agreement between the staff and company. Did i need to give him the termination letter as he had resigned since December 2009?

i was working at chop tong guan as long 5 month ready..but they still do want to confirm me bcoz i working at the branch at selayang pelican one..and start 9/3/10 until 13/3/10 my son (7month baby) was admitted at hospital selayang because he attact by h1n1; as a mother i have to care him..but my employee want to deduct my salary and 1 more thing at 23/3/10 my cousin brother was past a way and i have a death certificate they also wanna deduct my salary…at 31/1/10 my brother’s baby was past a way they also deduct ready my salary but i dont bother..but now it’s too much they want to deduct..i need help from hq..

there is have any low can deduct staff salary if have death certificate and complite document of sons admitted?


I was asking by my boss to working outstation that away from my home town 2 & 1/2hours distance. She ask me travel in the morning to work from 11am to 8pm I have to travel back in the dark & work the next day is working day.I have raised up that I unable to drive at nightime caused my eyesight not good. but she replied that is a standing instruction & I have to follow. I feel like pushing me to die in case any accident happen to me during the way back, who should responsible? She mentioned before that even her self she would not drive at night time which is same location because the road there without light along the road. Even herself not dare to drive in the night but she ask us to do so.
pls adv

Greetings, i was attached to a premium company for a year. I was not paid my last salary. Before this, i was paid Rm. 1300. And commission paid at 2% regardless how much the company marks up the price. Claims are only for tol and patrol. Phone calls was paid for which carrier half of my pay every month. I was promised 3 months doing administration and than to sales. But since i’ve been doing both. The company was supposed to pay up my epf BUT it didn’t happen. This had affected me on applying loan. As i resigned, things had been really hard for me. I’ve asked my employer but there was no response. I’m very much disturbed as i need to move on. Furthermore, i’m the only staff yet i wasn’t being appreciated. I was also having an uncomfortable environment while working. It seems so much like home. I am not asking much, i wanted the salary to move on. Please advise what action should i take. Thank you

I’d like to complain upon an issue. In an audit yearly, a company will have to surrender all accounts and financial statements which is valid to auditors including deduction of epf to employee. But what if i said i’ve not been paid kwsp?


We make payment to our worker for hospitalisation & sick leave. However, the period of hospitalisation include Sunday. Are we need to pay for Sunday.


if I working start at 14 april 2010. my salary RM1000/permonth. how much salary for me at april? how to calculater? because I ask my friend all told me abount salary permonth divide working days (26 day),it is correct?


1. i was hospitalise then home rest,doctor gv me mc but my boss claim that i exit annual day of mc,deduct my salary,but as my understanding,hospital leave is 60 days n different from annual mc.
Pls advise

2. and also i hv resign after i go back to work,in appointment letter mention 3 mths notice,but boss intend to ask me to dismiss early without compesation,wat should i do,pls advise

thank you


I just started joint new company, which mean I’m not confirmed yet. if i want to take leave it should be unpaid leave or paid leave because i still under probation.

thank you,

I have tendered my resignation by giving 1 month notice at current company once i’m get good offer from new company . New company inform that i’m already selected and want me confirm date when can start work and once appointment letter ready will call me to collect.After few days , i’m chasing the HR to get my appointment letter from new company. The HR reply to said that thier still want comparison with another 2 candidates.If me unselected ,i’m will facing jobless problem.Why can suddenly change thier decision like that.Can i complaint this company at labour office?

Hi, We have emailed a copy of the letter of offer to new staff a day before he join us. However, next day (joining date) he did not turn up for work – claims he was on mc for 2 days. We have not received his acceptance yet and we have not pass him the original LOA yet. Is the email copy of LOA send to him valid? What is the procedure if we have doubt and we decided not to take him after all? Any complications to it?
Please advise.
Thank you

Please advice …

How many days the have declared for pregnancy leave??
Three months is confirmed or still remain 2 months???


I would like to know whether evidence is 100% required in the labour court? If do not have any evidence on 1 of the party is it meant will lose the case definitely? Once the court hearing date is fixed, izzit possible to settle the case out of the court if both party agreed? Any translator for those who cant speak in Malay’s language?
Urgent~thank you

Can an employee requests for Mutual Separation Scheme (MSS) on special ground that immediate family member (parents, husband, child) is sick (critical illness, major operation, under treatment); such application to be substianted by doctor’s written confirmation?.

If employer refuses to accept such request, can an employee requests for unpaid leave until she/he ready to work again, if yes, how long would be the duration of such leave?.

During unpaid leave period, can an employee enjoy medical benefit or other benefits as applicable in line with Employment Offer Letter?

Can a bank impose new regulation to staff by issuing a distressed warning letter that the staff has under-performed without proper training to improve her skill, thereafter, the staff will be under department head’s counselling before dismiss order without compensation?.
Can Labour Office over-rule all employers to issue VSS to staff who they feel not performing according to their new standard of work, otherwise to make it a condition to send them for series of external (not internal!) training in the related field to improve them?.

hi there,
1 of the company at butterworth velsmetels sdn.bhd, 1624 jalan mengkuang,12200 butterworth. no good management like no proper lunch hour, no double pay for public holiday, no overtime claim, they never follow working hour, no medical leave claim, no proper salary to each person, no medical benefit, no proper commitment with local people and the head of management give more important to foreigners, some more got so many problem here but no one can take action so i hope you all take action as soon as possible.
thank you….

Dear Sir/Madam,

I was told that the Labour Office based at Butterworth closed. Our factory is located at Sungai Bakap, S.P.S. Penang. If we need clarification from Labour Office, which branch should we need to refer to?

Where the labour office at Butterworth currently located?

Thanks & regards,


firstly,I want to inquiry daily workers have to sign employment letter or not?

2nd, for daily worker, employer have to contribute EPF & Socso or not?


Many Thanks.

My company just annnounce that 16-9-2010 Malaysia Day is not compulsory holiday for our company. They say already survey others company which also working on that day also. Hence they decided to declare that day as non-public hoiday for us and we need to work on that day with normal pay.

So, is that really not compulsory holiday? Is they any prove that government already announce that day as public holiday?

Your prompt reply will be much more appreciated, thanks!

Hi, there.
Previously I work as sales person at jewellery line. And one day, money for sales gone suddenly. The person-in-charge, so called business partner said that I’m the one who doing it and try to forced me to pay the amount. Then I refused to pay because I didn’t do it and the didn’t had evidence that prove me that I’m the thief. But then they started to do it on their own way (hold salary until the thief pay back the money). WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH IT??HELP

whether 16.09.2010 is public holiday which is compulsary or is depend on the company?
Please advice me.

Selamat Petang.

Kami nak tanya pada hari 16/09 1 Malaysia hari, adakah ia cuti umum?
Atao bergantung kepada setiap syarikat urusan sendiri?
Jika Kami dikenakan kerja hari itu, syarikat kena bayar upah gaji macam hari biasa kiraan atao two / tiga kali ganda kiraan?

Hari dah 07/09/10, syarikat kita masih belum mengumumkan keputusan cuti.

I urgently require some advise on the predicament I’m in. I am in the advertising industry. I have been working with this company since December 15th 2009 & I have been given an appointment letter dated 30th Nov 2009. In my appointment letter, it states that there will be a probation period of 3 months and I will receive in writing, my confirmation letter of employment as a full time staff.
Question that I have are as per:
1. It has now been 9 months and I have yet to receive my confirmation letter. Is my appointment letter still binding?
2. I have not received my August salary.
3. I have yet to receive any claims ( as stated in my appointment letter)for client entertainment/or other expenses (petrol/parking/toll/F&B).
4. I have yet to receive any job incentive (2% from total job invoiced)for jobs that I have brought in to the company (at least 3 jobs)and at least one has been fully paid by the client.
It is also stated that I was to be given an additional incentive which I have yet to receive for every job that I handled.
Though it is also stated that the 2% is based on job margin/profitability of 24% is obtained after all job expenses & cost are included & I may have to split the incentive with my co-Producer & final share out is at management’s approval.
5. Upon sending in my resignation letter, should I give 24hr or 2weeks notice as stated in my appointment letter?

Urgently require advise!

Thank You.

We face one case – one staff not yet confirm tendered the resignation letter on 16 /9 and she is not fulfiling full 2 weeks – should we deduct this staff for full 2 weeks or only those days that the staff not serve.

given the resign letter, and my last date of service is on 30.11.2010, but my boss ask me to leave earlier; 30.09.2010.
would like to check what type of compensate i can claim from my boss. TQ

hi, i would like to check on the following:

i) can an employer terminate a staff that has already tendered his/her resignation? the termination letter was given a day after the resignation which the hr manager has acknowledge receipt of the resignation letter.

ii) if the employer cant terminate, what action can be taken now?

Thank you.

Hi! My maternity leave starts on 4th December 2010 (for 2months from my due date). I’m planning to give one month resign notice during my 2nd month of my maternity leave.

Can i tender my resign notice during my maternity?

whether 16/09/2010 1 Malaysia day is public holiday (COMPULSORY) or is depend on the company ?

Please advice. Thank you.

hi, my company have a staff no come to work around 2 weeks . can we fire him.


Hi, Please help
I have a offer from this company,she said offer to pay me RM3000 basic monthly and ask me resign from the job i’m working asap,come over to her compamy on the 1st of Sep 2010. After being there 1 week still didn’t get my offer letter, went i ask this lady boss she said she already my sister doing it coz she is a lawyer all letter done by her, but after two weeks coming by.I still didn’t have any new,and also she said my working hours is from 9am til 6pm, but she make me work each from 9am til 10pm Mon-Sun & public holiday, so i ask to resign from the place, she ask me to work til 19th Sep 2010. On Sep month there is 3days on Sunday & 3days Public i work 183 hours. I only off on 5th Sun/10th-11th Hari Raya. She ask her lawyer sister to call me, to sign a apologise and withdraw defamatory, if not she will not issue my salary to me and she only want to pay only RM1120. The sms/email is on 28th Sep is still in my H/P and my computer,til now 42days she have not pay me yet!What can I do now.Please advice
Thank you,

I m suffering from migrain very offen due to rushing working environment. FIY, i m working in banking hall . Because of the suffering and work needs, i normally will taking medical leave for rest. This is because of my body poor condition during migraine attack and i would not be able to concentrate on my job as a single negligence on my daily job will cause loss which employee need to pay on their own pocket money.This has increase my medical leave record.

Today, i had my stomach problem and consult to a same clinic that i normally visit. The doctor has informed me that they wont be able to give me a day off even though i am granted for it cos they got warning letter from my management “not ot issue any MC to our staff if not we have to withdraw your clinic as a panel.”
As i have already consult the doctor and has prove that i have my medical problem, the patient shouldn’t be rejected to have a day off if he or she is granted for it if the patient is in a genuine case. Because of the treatening from the company , the doctor will have to keep their own judgement on a patient. This has prove that either the doctor or the company has serious problem in theis professional duties.
Kindly advise on the above matter.

Hi I am an employee in a printing firm for the past 5 years. I applied for a 8 days leave for my holiday with my husband but my company wont allow because is a year end and we got a lot of project to do. So can the company terminate my services if I insist of taking the leave? How many days of annual leave are the employee entitle to? Please help me I really need to take the leave thank you

hi,i want to ask if weeding labour law got given leave or not?

Hi, I would like to know if is it necessary that a company must issue the payslip to employee every month?

What is the retirement age for a Sdn Bhd company?

I’m oredi resign from my company after 3month i’ still have not gt my salary. what action can i’ take ?

Please advise, Thank.

my company didnt pay my salary n keep delay… keep give me empty promise for 3 weeks ++
i wan to company n sue him.. can i do so? but im not confirmed worker.
i have around Rm2.5k-Rm3.5k in that company T_T
012-6723269 anything, can contact n teach me? thanks

Our company have a worker who is tendered the letter of resignation on 10/12/10 (Fri). The worker has to give 1 month notification. The last working day would be on 09/01/11 (Sun). Could we ask the worker leave early on 07/01/11 (Fri)?

Our company have a worker who is tendered the letter of resignation on 10/12/10 (Fri). The worker has to give 1 month notification. So, the last working day would be on 09/01/11 (Sun). Could we ask the worker leave early on 07/01/11 (Fri) and the salary pay until 07/01/11?


if only the worker willing. if he/she not willing, you cannot do that.

To who it may concern,

Hi, I would like to clarify if I started joint the company on 01 June 2010 and till now yet receiving any confirmation letter/letter offer. My queastion is ~ If i wanna tender my resignation now, do i still need to give 1 mth notice?

Await for your early reply, thks!


on 6th mth, you should ask your company why not confirming you. If they are not satisfied with your performance, the u should resigned early and not to wait. If they told you that they forget, then you can tell them that is your company problem and mistake. So it is not a problem for me to go off under non-confirm notice.

A very good afternoon to you.
Thank you for your time to read my mail. I would like to know what can i do with my employer drag to give me a confirmation letter after my probation period? I was starting my working with present employer since 1st JUNE until now, and our probation period is 6 months. I had ask my confirmation letter from my lady boss, and she said cant give me the letter now, because she is very busy with office shifting stuff.. (because we are going to shift office next year, but they never said when). In addition to that, she never mention of I will be extend my probation period and other, but she busy she said. Will she refused to give? or if yes what can i do ? looking forward to your prompt reply.

Hi, is 31st December 2010 a compulsory holiday including private sectors?

Malaysian Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak, has declared Friday, 31st December 2010, as a one-off National Public Holiday.

Thank you sincerely.
Awaiting your prompt reply.

The Manager, Saya ingin tanya tentang pekerjaan saya sama satu office selama 15 belas tahun tetapi dalam masa itu saya ada berhenti salama 5 bulan pada tahun 2002. selepas itu saya bekerja lagi sampai 30-12-2010. Pada hari 30-12-2010, manager saya beritahu saya dia akan berhenti saya pada hari itu tetapi dia akan bayar saya gagi sampai Jan 2011 kerana office mungkin akan tutup pada masa depan. Di sini saya ingin tahu ialah dalam labour law dia bayar saya satu bulan gagi betulkah ?

my boss terminated i with 1 day notis and give me 1 month salary for compensate. is it correct according to the labour law ? i am working with her already 8.5 years. thkz


firstly we must know the reason of termination. If you did done anything wrong, and your boss willing to pay you off, the nothing is wrong with th company.

If you did do anythng wrong, then why you accept the termination???

If one of my colleague been work in to my office and said that he is not satisfy with the decision I made and he will hit me with steel if I did not cancel the decision.
Can this consider as threaten? and can I made a report to police or any suggestion that I can do?

I’ve tender my resignation giving 4 weeks notice as stipulated on the employment letter after 1 month working. Employment letter stated I subject to 14 days annual leave. Question is am I entitled to purata annual leave by right even not confirmation? As the employment letter is silence about this, can I insist on payment by the company of unclaimed annual leave of 2.5 days?


you should report this to your immediate superior and bring it up to your boss. If internally, the not helping you to settle the problem, the you should go for police report.


i have been working in a beauty centre for 2 months,but i felt that the company isn’t suitable for me…the procedure inside is too complicated!
because of my health probelm and so i resign,i have sign the “LETTER OF APPOINTMENT”,but iam under probation period…
before i resign,i gave two weeks notice but my salary has been deducted,so i am asking can the deduct my salary by rite?

Dear Sir, Madam,

I’m working with one of the MNC company, recently tendered my resignation and have an issue with my variable bonus payment. Thus, I would like to consult labor office’s advise on this matter.

Our variable bonus calculated for Jan – Dec 2011 and it get paid on 01 March 2012. When the payout happens, I’m still with the company serving the notice period which my last working day will be 31 Mar 2012. When I consulted our Human Resource, they has informed me that I’m not entitle for the bonus because serving the noticed period. However, they had confirmed if I tendered my resignation after 01 Mar 2012, I will qualify for the bonus. My concern here, I’m physically with the company when the pay out is happens on 01 Mar 2012 and my contribution was involved during the calculated period As such, would like to consult you whether the company deem to pay the bonus. Appreciate your advise on this and please let me know should you required additional information on this matter.


I would like to know the working hours for a house-assistant at a Children’s Home.
What about the Letter of Appointment, should it be given in writing?

Hi there
Just want to check if the employer wants to terminate one of the employee whereby his working attitute is bad and not responsible, etc, and he is working in the company for about ten years already and the company had been giving him many warning letters but no improvement at all.
Do the company had to pay any termination benefit to this worker or can we just give him 3 months notice to terminate his employments.
Please advise.

I have been working for 14 years with an electronic company and my record have been good for all the years.In January i did a mistake by closing a program while running production.The management found out and asked me to resign without giving me warning letter.I have worked for many years and they should at least give me a warning letter.This company asked me to resign on my own or they will terminate me with bad records.I had to write a resignation letter and they only paid me for two months ( February and March ).Since i have worked here for 14 years they should at least give me some compensation right.Please advice me what shall i do.Now im jobless , please help me.Thanks.

Please advise how do we calculate the payment of leaves for staff who will be leaving the company?

Please advise how do we calculate the payment of annual leaves for staff who will be leaving the company?

11th April is announced as public holiday for local & foreign right? But my boss say that was only government but public company don’t need to follow it as well. But if we work, the boss need to replace worker 1 day leave or count as overtime right?

i have been working in accounts firm for 18 years, if i resign now, is there any gratuity i can get and during my notice for 1 month, can i take unpaid leave. Please advise.

My hubby is working almost 1 year at this company without Letter of Appointment or any letter for his position. But when he want to resign he given them 3 day notice in letter but they still want to deduct his salary for seven days. He still ok but now they don’t want to pay his commission coz they said his commission was burn when he give letter without one month valid date. So here i want to know what should he do to that company now.

New staff just joined last month 3rd April 2012, and this year 1st April 12 fall on Sunday… Therefore how should I calculate his salary for month of April 2012… please reply soonest possible… Thank you.

can i know or at least have a list of compulsory holiday for private sector?

hi, i would like to ask if a small food company did not have any order from buyer, then the boss asking their workers take anual leave, the reason is no order so the company no open, izzit the boss can do like that, can force the workers take anual leave?

I was unwell one month and was admitted for major surgery. As a result i close my office and the workers were on leave or off. Do i have to pay full salary or half salary. I do not have any income for that month. What is ur view

I been working for this company almost 2 years. Last year i applied leave for christmas. In this company i am not entitle for OT, so when i worked extra hours or during public holiday, they will compensate it with replacement leave, in which i am entitled. Last year the receptionist told me that i am entitle for 21 day confirm from her calculation through the system, and it is finalized, so i did applied for 21 day’s replacement leave and when i was back to work on Jan 2012, they inform me, there was a mistake and the company forcefully deduct my pay as unpaid leave. As far i know the mistake came from HR Dept, and they insist me to sign unpaid leave form for their mistake. Can a employer deduct my salary due to their mistake ? Why deduct from my salary due to other people mistake ?

Hi, I need help with this

Official Working Hour: 9.00 – 6.00pm
But you have to come in at 8.30am on Monday
Tuesday to Friday 8.50am

If you are late for 1 mins for e.g. 8.51 which is not the official working hour….
can he made a half day pay cut from your salary???

I am an executive staff, of former EON Bank Berhad now merged with Hong Leong Bank Bhd. Today, I attended a briefing in KL Head Quarters and was informed that our benefits stated in TACOS, EON Bank Bhd Executives Benefits Agreement has been changed (harmonised) with Hong Leong Bank Bhd Executives Benefits. And most of our benefits have been removed effective 1st June 2012. Staff of EON Bank was informed at the point of merger with Hong Leong Bank that our staff wellfare are being taken care off and there won’t be any change in our benefits for 3 years after merger. But this was not the case.
With rising cost and removal of this benefits will burden the staff. Hong Leong Bank recently declared in the newspaper that they had increased their profit by 61% on year to year. However, they are removing many staff benefits.

May I know, as an employee what are our remedy to our employer actions (exploitations)?

Please advice constructively. What legal actions can we employ? How do we protect our rights?

Thank you.

From : En Ahmad Zakaria

hi… saya pengurus sebuah syarikat trading berapa harikah cuti public untuk satu tahun bagi pekerja dan cuti -cuti apakah yg perlu saya beri untuk satu tahun


I’m sharing this with you hoping I’ll get some sort of guidance and assistance. I’m an expatriate employed with an IT private limited company, first year was though not very exciting, it was somewhat OK to cope up with. The real pain started from the second year onwards.

First, I was jaw-struck after coming to know that my medical insurance plan provided by my employer is a very weak policy and it hardly helps as a basic requirement. Especially during outpatient treatment at the hospitals, the insurance company always says ‘you pay first we reimburse later’ but when we actually claim, a cheque of only 100 MYR is paid back. There are instances where it has crossed 800 MYR, rest of the amount is always a burden from our own pocket despite having an insurance coverage. The company never agrees to pay the rest either.

Secondly, while exercising annual appraisal, they easily break all labor acts acting as if ‘whose father’s what goes?’ meaning they’re negotiating/reducing our Medical and Annual leaves! Earlier in the first year also it was not on par with the labor law and now after appraisal they’ve reduced it to 5 each. If we were to put our foot down, they manipulate with our salary figures. And this is especially happening with expatriate employees. Isn’t some labor authority bridling these IT SMEs spread like mushrooms? They really make our lives miserable playing dirty tricks to mint money at all possible windows.

I would be much obliged if you could kindly advice me on further legal moves. Thank you.

Warm reagards,

I tendered my resignation letter today after working for 2 months in the company. Based on my employment letter signed before, I need to give at least 2 weeks notice period which under probation period of 6 months. In my resignation letter tendered, I stated will work until 30th June 2012. But now my boss ask me to quit by today forget about the 2 weeks period stated in employment letter. Now, my question is that do I have a right to ask for compensation of the 2 weeks salary since he ask me to leave the company by end of the day today 08 June 2012 if I not agree to do so. Please advise me. Thank you very much.

I have joint a private firm since 1 June 2009. The probation period is 6 months which means to be confirmed on 1 January 2010. I was only confirmed on January 2011. There was no documentation for the extension period nor any verbal advice.

On the other hand, a letter dated 19 January 2011 signed by the company CEO says that my salary has been revised from $xxxx to $xxxx amount. The differences of salary from January 2010 will be credited into January 2011.

The company now disputes to credit the arrears of salary from January 2010 to December 2011 = 12months.

I understand that any employee will be automatically become a permanent staff of the said company with continuous 1 year service from the date of join without any notice given.

Can I pursue with a legal action against the company and stand for my rights for the back dated payment?

Please advise. Thank you.

I am tendering resign letter on 12 June, with balance of 22 days of annual leave. My co agree to pay the balance of my annual leave of 22 days. so could you advise which is the correct calculation as below:

Gross salary : RM8,500
Working days : 5 days week
Balance Annual Leave : 22 days

1) RM8,500 / 26 days x 22 days (bal leave) = RM7,192.30
2) RM8,500 / 22 days x 22 days (bal leave) = RM8,500.00

hi there,
ive been working in a events company for 2 years nw. at the beginning they promiseed to prepare the epf n socso after 3 months when i first started. bt untill nw they havent. so i decided to stop n take time off for three weeks n nw they r giving excuses to pay my salary out… wat am i supposed to do?

I am tendering resign letter on 12 June, with balance of 22 days of annual leave. My co agree to pay the balance of my annual leave of 22 days. so could you advise which is the correct calculation as below:
Gross salary : RM8,500
Working days : 5 days week
Balance Annual Leave : 22 days
1) RM8,500 / 26 days x 22 days (bal leave) = RM7,192.30
2) RM8,500 / 22 days x 22 days (bal leave) = RM8,500.00

Hi, I need some opinion with this :-
Official Working Hour (Mon – Fri ) : 10.00am – 5.00pm
(Sat) : 10.00am – 2.00pm
Lunch Time : 1 hour
I need to on half day leave to settle for my personal matter.
But our HR Dept people told me should be back to working on 2.00pm for my half day leave at noon.
So, it confused for me back to working time.
What’s the actual time to be back for working??

Hi, I would like the find out more regarding the extention for the retirement age to 60 yrs, it is apply to Female also ? Cos my company HR manager say it is only apply to male stuff. What can i do ? Pls advice ..thx

I have once worked for a company for 3 days and resigned because of the environment. I have sent and official email to HR and my direct superior. The offer letter i signed stated 1 month notice required if under probationary period, and yet i didn’t aware! (how careless i was) After a week i resigned, HR called me and want me to pay 1 month salary due to the short notice (and term it as absconded) or else they will sue me. I proposed to them to serve the 1 month notice immediately and the HR said will ask my direct superior whether want me back to serve the 1 month notice or not. If they do not want me back to serve, then i need to pay the 1 month salary or get sued. Since i have already offered them i will come back to serve immediately, can they reject and want me to pay the 1 month salary?! the HR manager said this is an absconded case and i cannot serve the ‘unserved’ 1 month notice already…. this is kinda confusing…

To whom it may concern,

I have sign the letter of appointment to company A but after that I write in and call in to the hr and the boss said that I turn down the offer due to some personal reasons.
The hr and boss said I must pay the compensation of 6 months salaries if not it will bring to court case.

The reason is after I signed the offer letter she not allowed me to bring back a copy to keep. I remembered in the offer letter just stated termination notice is 2 months or 6 months salaries compensate. It did not stated that under or not under probation period. After call in and write in the reject offer, I went to that company A to meet the hr again. I want to have a look and photocopy a copy to see. But she refuse my request, just told me I should pay the compensation of 6 months salaries in 7 days. I have no choice then go back.

I haven’t even start work at that company. Should I bother it?

Thank you.

To whom it may concern,
Just need to clarified the standard calculation on salary. i went for my exam n i was unpaid for 18days.
Basic salary= 2200
Company’s calculation= 2200/30(include the saturday n sunday that we are not working)=73.34 per day
but they pay me on the days on that i working only(monday to friday) without including the saturday n sunday.
6days working x 73.34= 440.
When i question my management the told me that it is the law where we need divide the salary with total day in a month n just paid for the working days only. Please advice.

i would like to know abt the retrenchment . i worked for more than 2 years and now suddenly my company gonna retrench me. i would like to know what can i do, will i be given compensate.

our company plan to hire a part time driver, a retire man, and pay him by working hours. after we saw the government post the minimum wages, we have a question is ‘should we pay the part time worker minimum wages divided by hours(8hours/day)? or should we pay him by our own part time working hours’ price?

My monthly Salary is more than 2,500, sometime i am late few minutes when report to work. Our company have set the policy that every first 1-10 minutes late will be deduct 1 hrs from salary, is it company can deduct the employees’ salary and no need to refund back even the employee is resign one day ?


hii friend my name is pardeep kumar im from india but i got a job there (malaysia) and im contact with my employer for apply my work permit and my employer applied work permit for me on 30 april but now when i asking them about any update then say just wait i want to know usually how many days take labour office for approval letter bec im waiting now that approval letter before 2 and half month ?

We are getting our salaries only by the 15th of the month. What action should we take?


Please help me with my situation. I want to make a report. I work at Kuraya Enterprise s/b at Balingian Region (Rimbunan Hijau Gr0up). My nephew f0rced me t0 resign just because I couple with a guy at that estate. I really n0t satisfied with it at all. Please take an action.

Best regards.

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