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Contacts for Letter of Good Conduct

Posted on: January 31, 2008

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12 Responses to "Contacts for Letter of Good Conduct"

Will this company help a non-Malaysian who has been studying in Malaysia to obtain a written certificate of Letter of Good Conduct? If yes, what is the fee involved? Thanks. Urgent answer will be appreciated.

I am a non-Malaysian needing a letter of Good conduct urgently. Can this company help me get it? If yes, what is the fee involved? Thanks. Urgent answer will be appreciated. I have already started the process, but I just need it done as soon as possible



I need the letter ASAP. I’m an expat. Would you please help. My email address is Thanks

I am also non-malaysian studied in malaysia for more than 2 years. I also like to obtain the letter of Good conduct urgently for immigration purpose. If this company provide this kinda service. Please inform me detailed information. Thanks in advance.

i am a non malaysian work in malaysia for 3 years i need introduction letter from the employer or letter of good conduct can u help me?to get it? please inform me as soon as posible ..


how can you help me…
Pls give me more info on this too.i’m not a Malaysian but worked there in Dec. 1997- June 1999… i need it ASAP for my canadian immigration papers.. i’m living in the US right now and applying for this document at the Malaysian Consulate,Los Angeles office but it will take months they said….any means to make it faster?.. need it within two weeks.. thanks

can you pls help me with the letter of good conduct. according to tha foreign affairs its with bukit aman. already 3 weeks

hi, i’m an malaysian but i currently are in Australia and not being able to present physically to HCM to get my letter of good conduct. is that any way that i can get my letter of Good conduct while i am in australia?

Hi there,
I am an Indonesian who resided in Malaysia for nearly four years. Now, I am trying to migrate to Australia. I need the letter of good conduct for immigration purpose. I have applied to the high commission for Malaysia using the usual procedures three months plus and I haven’t got the certificate yet. Can you please, please help me get it within as short time as possible??? It is a top urgent case!
I thank you in advance!


I need a letter of good conduct for self,wife & my son to apply for MM2H. Can u please assist in getting this for us ASAP. We are not Malaysians & hold Indian passports.
Appreciate your help.

i need a letter of good conduct for my wife back in malaysia for her migration purpose and we need it soon. please email me at

Hi, I am Malaysian and would like to apply for Letter of Good Conduct or just a local police clearance check. I t is needed for my international volunteer job in! Sept 2012. please help me asap by email

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