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TNA Issues: No Job Description

Posted on: October 1, 2007


When I first joined my SMI company, I wasn’t given a job description. In my
employment contract, the job description clause just stated do what have
been given by my manager in writing or verbally. I’m not alone, as everyone
working in this company did not have JD sheet. So, some people including me
would have one-man-show task.

Then come into training need analysis. I have distributed each department
staff a TNA sheet and fill in training program they would like to undergo.
The TNA sheet was created based on sample given by a mentor in a seminar I
had attended. And it has statement requiring staff to attach their JD.
Since, these employees do not have their JD, will there any problem should
I to proceed with the analysis?


Look at the comfort of your organisation if they are willing to go to the level of JDs. One of my previous organisation does not have JD’s even though they are multinational & market leader.

If yes, then do a job analysis. A simple one is to just get your target audience to describe their work tasks.

If no need JD, then you can still do a TNI ( needs identification) by looking at the performance gaps. This way, the managers do not need to have sets of JDs to make their decision. Your role is to facilitate the fact finding by challenging & clarifying statements. Use the PCS criteria to help

Performance – basically tie in to the task that they do or need to do.
Condition – do they have the resource to enable the task to be done.
Standard – where is the gap?

So, there will be instances that it is not a training solution.
This would enable you to do a simple TNI and a quick win to get your activities started.

2. ( FOR 50-100 PEOPLE )

Eventhough you have good intention when distributing the TNA forms, pls bear
in mind that training is not `free for all”.
The `danger” of distributing forms is you may end up feeling overwhelm with
various types of training request, which may or may not related to their
current or future job requirement. Besides the challenges of identifying the
`real” training need, you may also upset some people as you may not be able
to accomodate every request.

I would suggest that you use the Dept Head as a focal person to discuss
performance gap in their dept, and whether training is the solution to fill
the gap. If training is the solution, then work together with the Dept
Head to find the right training for individual in the dept.

Among the documents that you can use besides JD & JA are performance
appraisal forms, audit findings, incident investigations, etc. Having
proper documentation in place will definitely help you with TNA, and it is
not limited to JD only.


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